In 1962 I was invited a newly-formed group that came to be known as "The Spanish Gentlemen". Our first gig had me singing the only two songs I had practiced. We were not very good initially.
As we improved we were booked to play at a large number of venues.
I started writing a few songs with Phil Smith - our lead guitarist.
We continued until the point where we were offered a contract to tour the country. Our drummer was unable to commit to that and a short time after the group disbanded although Phil and I entered a few contests. I was able to join a local dance band and stayed with it for a while.
There were three 'highlights' enjoyed by The Spanish Gentlemen:
(i) We were booked as supporting group to The Kinks who were at Number One in the charts and chatted to them backstage.
(ii) At short notice we were asked to stand in for The Four Pennies who were at Number One in the charts with 'Juliet' and couldn't fulfil their booking.
(iii) We were support group to Herman's Hermits who were at Number One in the charts with "Into Something Good". However, Herman never arrived although his Hermits did! We invited them to play along with us as I sang some of their songs.

A few years later I began to write songs more seriously and entered a competition for best band in Cambridge. I submitted a demo tape with just myself and seven song. The judges praised my 'band' and its variety of songs!

Around this time I placed an advertisement in a BASCA magazine inviting those with lyrics to have me create a song for around them.
This was a lucrative venture and I turned out simple home-recorded 'demos' at one a week. I always offered a  satisfaction-or-money-refunded arrangement. After two years I was exhausted and stopped having received my first negative report out of more than 100 songs.

I had a number of my songs published and had contracts with two record companies. "Okay, Alright" was my most successful song reaching a high position in both the Greek charts (!) and independent radio stations.

After a break of  40 years I returned to song compositions and do so now into my seventies. I create my songs and record them hunched over one microphone and a computer. These are not commercial recordings - these are amateur home recordings. They can be listened to on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. All styles - some I particularly like - others less so.

The website link will take you to sound only (mp3) and sound+video (mp4) versions.